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7 Grams – Broke God

7 Grams – Broke God
7 Grams – Broke God
💤1. Flips
👍🏾2. NYC Diesel f. Makari GOLD
😴3. Hindu Kush
🆗4. Og Kush
👎🏾5. Blue Cookies (E.D.I.E) f. 🌊See-Money Dha Flame
👍🏾6. Balance (GDP) f. 🔥See-Money Dha Flame
😴7. Vicious (Alien Og)
Projects weak. There is potential here but under a bunch of bad. Dude does the lazy 0 energy tone thing, its boring. He also has mad corny bars and then takes a shot at the autotune thing it doesnt work but with polish all of this could. The beats were just ok, nothing crazy. His features outshine him, ESPECIALLY the dude with the worst name ever. Homie killed you on 2 tracks. Those are his tracks now. Quality is clean but project just need a few more touch ups, better bars, less “i dont curse” and maybe some sort of heart. Pass.
John D.
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