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Free Sweatpants – The Real Blockhead

Free Sweatpants – The Real Blockhead
Free Sweatpants – The Real Blockhead
🌊01. Dream On
🔥02. Slippery Slope f. Billy Woods, Open Mike Eagle & Breezly Brewin
🔥03. Kiss the Cook f. Aesop Rock
🔥04. Rock’em Sock’em Hop
🔥05. Frank f. Tree
🌊06. Weeping Willow
🔥07. Deeperstill f. Homeboy Sandman
🆗08. By Myself Meeting (Courage yapping made it meh)
🌊09. Be Safe f. Armand Hammer
🔥10. Favorite Chair f. Vic Spencer
🌊11. Tinder in the Time of Cholera
🌊12. Let Them Eat Hate f. Marq Spekt
🔥13. Blue Veil f. Hemlock Ernst
🌊14. Make America Gape Again
Project slides. The production honestly makes it shine, no shade to the features, they all added the flare they were enlisted for but the production feels fucking good. Everyone one minus the track 8 which kinda slid but that noise was rough. Everything was clean, it all flowed sonically but not necessarily story or anything wise. Its more of a connected compilation if that makes sense. Either way, its a good ass time. In rotation.
John D.
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