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NoStudioN 3 – Geechi Gotti

NoStudioN 3 – Geechi Gotti

NoStudioN 3 – Geechi Gotti

🔥1. Intro / Start a War 2
🌊2. Gangbangaz f. Thereala & Bezzelz
🔥3. Out on Bail
🚒4. 600 Degreez
🌊5. Been Boomin
🔥6. Still f. D Smitty & Young Shame
💤7. Ez Call f. Project Pat
👍🏾8. Run it Up f. Khaotic & Bezzelz
🆗9. All Facts
💤10. Gangsta Bitch
😴11. How It Goes
🌊12. No Question
🌊13. Pray 4 My City
🌊14. Blue Skies f. Poppa Chop

This project to someone who has never been to this mans hood or know what it is exactly, brings me to it. This is all around dope west coast gangsta rap. Its got some funk, its punchline heavy, got some hooks, some smooth tracks its honestly got it all. Dudes voice is dope, even with the slight autotune on his raps it works. I wouldnt be mad if his whole blocks been bumpin this since it dropped. Its new but still feels vintage. In rotation most likely in a low rider with spinners and hydraulics.
John D.

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