Humble But Hungry – Hi-Rez

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Humble But Hungry – Hi-Rez

?1. Humble But Hungry f. Regine Bautista
??2. Our Life
?3. Boy With No Home f. Jonny Koch
??4. Same Hell
?5. No Regrets
??6. Flexing On the Gram
??7. Bouncing Off the Walls
?8. We Want Change
?9. Forever Love
??10. Honest f. Jonny Koch
??11. Her Love

Project is solid. Dude can rap, has flows, has hooks, features did they thing, his substance is super relevant, production was cool and the quality is also up there. Not a bad song on here at all, dudes voice isnt really what I gravitate towards but honestly he used it well. It wasnt enough to completely ruin songs for me but I def think it dialed some down a ranking, other than that, this is a complete project. I can see myself spinning a couple tracks back too so this might be high key fire to others. In rotation.
John D.



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