The Art of Gods ep – Chi Money

The Art of Gods ep – Chi Money

👍🏾1. Glimpse of My Insanity
🆗2. Aura
🆗3. Eye of the Storm
👍🏾4. Strange f. 🔥Shadow
🆗5. Dead Silent

Project is meh, super underwhelming but not bad. Dudes voice might be for some folk but not me 100% then again I cant tell if it was the constant toilet strain in his voice, how he lagged around the realm of a pocket or all the plain bagel bars. I didnt hate this tho, production was cool and he had some flows every here and there, potential is here for sure but this project is overall is as plain as homegirl popeye & brutus always fighting over. Mehhhhhhhh
John D.


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