Elephants on Acid – Cypress Hill

Elephants on Acid – Cypress Hill

🗣️1. Tusko (intro)
🌊2. Band of Gypsies
👍🏾3. Put Em in the Ground
🎶4. Satao (Interval)
🌊5. Jesus Was a Stoner
🌊6. Pass the Knife
🐘7. LSD (Interval)
🆗8. Oh Na Na
🎶9. Holy Mountain (Interval)
🌊10. Locos
🔥11. Falling Down
🎶12. Elephant Acid (Interlude)
🔥13. Insane OG
🎶14. The 5th Angel (Instrumental)
🔥15. Warlord
🌊16. Reefer Man
🎶17. Thru the Rabbit Hole (Interlude)
💩18. Crazy
🎶19. Muggs is Dead
🌊20. Blood on My Hands Again
🔥21. Stairway to Heaven

Project is different. They somehow managed to keep it oldschool, dark, scary, trippy, and original all in one shot. Project is dope, raps are here very old school flow, the production honestly cannot be put in a category its all over the place, but nothing short of dope (minus that crazy track). This gets the job done, 21 tracks seems intimidating but its like 6 skits in there, so projects really like 50 min, but all in all they managed to put out a dope project in this confused era of hip hop and also clarify that there are better, cooler drugs out there that wont kill you, at most just scare the shit out of you.
John D.




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