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Cool Side of the Pillow – Henry Canyons

Cool Side of the Pillow – Henry Canyons

Cool Side of the Pillow – Henry Canyons

🎶1. Poison into Medicine Intro
🌊2. The Cool Side f. Zoe Rose Palladino
🎶3. Wanna Be Myself (Interlude)
🔥4. Goodnight Moon
👎🏾5. Easy Come Easy Go
🔥6. Special Blend f. Homeboy Sandman
🔥7. It Don’t Mean a Thing f. billy woods
🌊8. Quiet Tongues
🌊9. Not Today
🚒10. Innate Communication f. GooGiE GoHarD
🎶 11. To the Dreamers

Project is crazy. The production is phenomenal. Its incredible. I cant say more about it. Its that dope. HC does exactly what hes supposed to do on this. No matter who was on this it would still steal the show. Nothing against him. He did his thing, he was sliding, all over it, flows, cadence, bars shits all smooth. Front to back minus track 5 (mad annoying) this project is loop city with no problem. Hip hop heads, backpackers, please check this project out, if this shit dont put you in the most relaxed mood possible then take your self out those 2 categories. In rotation
John D.

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