The Growth – Issac Broadway

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Growth – Issac Broadway

1. ?Who Is Issac Broadway
2. ??Big Already
3. ??Jaey’s Message
4. ?Loud Feat Polo Ricky
5. ?All My Dwags
6. ?420
7. ?Side Piece
8. ?Rolex Flows
9. ?Kanye Taylor Swift
10. ?Smoke A Blunt
11. ?Ride

Ok so I don’t know where to start, this shit is trash Production is good but the hooks lyrics and every thing else is trash. He’s way outta pocket, monotone and just over all horrible. I don’t even know why I keep putting myself through this shit I need a fuckin cold shower and electro shook therapy to never remember this again. This is a never listen to again album if this is growth damn he’s got a long way to go.


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