Since 96 – VA Pete Dream Hustle Grind

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Since 96 – VA Pete Dream Hustle Grind

?️1. Since 96 Intro
??2. The Nod Factor
?3. Everything Remains Raw
??4. Politics as Usual
?6. Motherless Child
?7. I Gave You Power
?️8. Skit 1
?9. Tonite’s Tha Night
??10. Jazzy Belle
?️11. Skit 2
?12. Bout it

Project is underwhelming. He intro’s it as if hes been sitting on god bars since 96, then goes into the weakest intro track ive heard in my life. He has a dope voice and a few lines n flows here and there but its inconsistent. Sometimes its forced, sometimes its smooth or sometimes its uncomfortable, like sitting inbetween large people on a subway. Depending on the angle and how you move your elbow you could be either cuddling comfy or crushed uncomfortably. Project needed more polish and maybe more ears in the studio and it couldve been better, but that probably didnt happen.
John D.


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