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Zoo – Russ

Zoo – Russ

Zoo – Russ

🆗1. The Flute Song
👎2. Outlaw
🆗3. Kill Them All
🆗4. Missing You Crazy
🆗5. Voicemail
🌊6. Parkstone Drive
💤7. Begging You
💤8. Serious
🆗9. Keep my Wits
🆗10. Our Time
🆗11. From a Distance
🆗12. Last Forever (ft Rick RossSnoop Dogg 🐐)
💤13. Keep it Pushing (ft Mahalia)
🆗14. F**k That

Russ is what you would get if Donald Trump and Kanye had a baby with John Stamos but right after he was born you pitched him at the wall one time. That being said his music is ok I guess I suppose that’s why all the attitude and posturing he does is to compensate for his mediocre music.his bars are mostly bland, singing is ok, productions is pretty clean, I’ll give him that. This album gets a fat pumpkin if he was half as talented as he thinks he is that’s still pretty talented.

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