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My World – Atlus

My World – Atlus
My World – Atlus
😴1. My World
🆗2. Move On
🔥3. Born for This
👍🏾4. Confessions f. Eric Haywood
🌊5. So Cold
👍🏾6. Conquer f. Hiatus
🌊7. Stay
🌊8. What I Want
🆗9. Make You Mine
🆗10. Takeover
🔥11. End of the Road
🌊12. No F***s Given
👍🏾13. Thief
👍🏾14. Dear Sean f. Syrena Beard
🌊15. Best I Ever Had

Project was cool, off rip tho my problems only came when homie was rapping. He would just get ahead of himself often and start drooling n mixing up words, falling in and out of that pocket. Other than that tho his content was cool, the production tho it had a very specific theme, it was nice. The singing. This dude can get signed off that alone. He was getting after it, catchy, powerful, all over the place, shit really made this project. In rotation.
John D.

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