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Floating polygons – GooGiE

Floating polygons – GooGiE

Floating polygons – GooGiE

🌊1. Quasars
👍2. TPA
🆗3 Deeponomics 
🚮4. Drug watch gun law
💤5. Curve Buttons
💤6. Kneecaps
👎7. Phill’s osophies (feat. Phill Hurt)
🌊8. Purple
👍9. Molecules
💤10. That my word
👎11. Matt Pavich Standard (feat. Matt Pavich)
🆗12. Movin on

Don’t let the first track mis lead you, this project is underwhelming as shit, I was expecting all the vibes and all i received was roughly 30 mins of meh and worse. Production is ok, raps are forgettable… Don’t waste your time… I did that for you..

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