Champion – B-Light

Champion – B-Light

Champion – B-Light

🆗1. Lemmie shine
👍2. Who Am I
🗑️3. How i Feel (R.Jameson Remix)
🆗4. Gotta Shine
🗑️5. Have you Ever
🌊6. Never go down
🆗7. 333
🌊8. Could ever love
🆗9. Battlefield
🗑️10. Champion

Album is so weird. Sometimes your like ok this dude is on to something, than he fucks it up with some garbage track, but in all the album is not anything special. Production is basic, it does flow and it does sound decent. He knows his strength in the music. And stays to what he knows, but the moment he trys to go out the comfort zone it gets boring. The album can get boring and might take more than one try to make it through 10 songs. And its just ten songs it shouldn’t be this boring. The album is an 6-10 just cause you can listen to it once but after that it gets no love.


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