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Donny Womack – Don Toliver

Donny Womack – Don Toliver

Donny Womack – Don Toliver

🆗1. Diamonds
🚮2. Diva
🆗3. Issues 
🚮4. Backend
🚮5. Mamma Mia
🚮6. Holdin’ Steel (feat. Dice SoHo)
🚮7. Bang Bang
🚮8. 2 lil shorty
🚮9. Video girl
🚮10. Around ( im shleep)
🚮11. AMG
🚮12. Run up
🚮13. Talk no more

This project made me miserable, its below average sing rapping with a dash of autotune and a whole lot of the same 808s that we have become use to in todays industry “standards”, There is nothing on this project that you couldn’t hear on a average “trap rap” project… Don’t waste your time..

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