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Storm Island – Stix Side Music

Storm Island – Stix Side Music

Storm Island – Stix Side Music

😴1. Storm Island
💤2. Smoke Feat SB
🆗3. Nothing More Feat SB
👍🏾4. Hunger Games Feat Red Label
👍🏾5. Purge Feat SB
👎🏾6. Back Em Off Me
🚮7. Watch Me Cook Feat SB, Ree, Kaw
👎🏾8. Niggas is Fake Feat B Wall, SB, Ree
🆗9. Rondo Feat J Reaper
💩10. Hahaha Feat SB
💤11. Blizzy Burner
👍🏾12. Streets Of Rage
🚛13. Psycho

Biz, Erik Sermon, MF Doom, Chuck D, Rakim and a few more I won’t get that into. What I’m trying to say is it’s a low count of famous rappers from Long Island, compared to other burrows. Why the fuck does Stix Side think they will change this. Doesn’t any of they friends listen to this and tell him don’t do it. From the production value to the hooks are all horrible, verses and punchlines leave you lost (with anger). I had to fight through this album, there are some decent tracks but decent doesn’t cut it in music. This is time I could’ve spent learning how to cure cancer or something productive, but instead I’m here trying to figure out why the hell did I put myself through this. Track 7 Watch me cook where I think Ree does the hook, he sounds like he mouthwashes with Razor blades and Newport’s 3 times a day. DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS ALBUM

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