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Tobi Lou and The Juice – Tobi Lou

Tobi Lou and The Juice – Tobi Lou

🔥1. Lavender Town pt 1 (ft, DJ Pharris)
🌊2. Sadderday
🔥3. Highscore
👍4. Knock Knock
🆗5. Birthday Boy (ft Zack Villere)
🆗6. Billy
🔥😂7. Just Keep Going (Love the aka’s)

I appreciate this project being short but sweet sometimes less is more. This is some pretty decent sadboy rap very melodic and melancholy sometimes. The project started out pretty strong there’s a couple weak tracks right towards the end but that last song saved this from being a pumpkin love the AKA’s. Project issa mood heavily influenced by Cudi and his ilk.

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