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Karma 2 – Dave East

Karma 2 – Dave East

Karma 2 – Dave East

1. Karma
👍2. NOBU
🆗3. Nothing personal
👎4. Traumatized (feat. King Scooter) 
🆗5. Russia
🚮6. Highly anticipated (feat. Lil Durk)
🆗7. Scale and razor
🚮8. No stylist (feat. BlocBoy JB)
💤9. My N****a dead
💤10. Leveling up (feat. Fabolous 🚮)
👍11. This summer (feat. D. Jones)
💤12. Day dreaming ( feat. Floyd Miles)
👎13. Imagine
👎14. Cut me off (feat. Don Q 🔥)
🆗15. I don’t understand it
💤16. Us (feat. Gunna)
👎17. We on (feat. Border buck)
💤18. Going hard
🚮19. I ain’t going (feat. Trouble)

Project is pretty bad. I couldn’t wait for it to be over tbh… There is nothing on here that screams “yeah this was fire” was a below average showing of what East “should” be capable of, Production was meh. Mainly because the rapping was sub par at times and excruciating too listen to… the only upside to this project is when it’s over..

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