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LIFE’S A TRIP – Trippie Redd

LIFE’S A TRIP – Trippie Redd

LIFE’S A TRIP – Trippie Redd

👍🏾1. Together (The yelling threw this off for me)
🌊2. Taking a Walk
🌊3. Wish f. Diplo [Trippie Mix]
🔥4. Missing My Idols
🚒5. Forever Ever f. Young Thug & Reese LAFLARE
👍🏾6. Bird S**t
😴7. BANG! (Best Inuyashiki clip thooo)
👍🏾8. How You Feel
🆗9. Dark Knight Dummo f. Travis Scott
😴10. UKA UKA
💤11. Shake It Up
👍🏾12. Oomps Revenge
👎🏾13. Gore
👍🏾14. Underwater FlyZone

Project was ok, Its got allot going on. Production is dope, everything also sounds super clean. He shows hes versatile mixing up some Drake rapping, new age rapping, emo whining, and actual singing on this. Some are hit some are miss. When he raps, its a good time, dude can string together words and some catchy hooks, features also did what they are known for. Then you got the like new age throw away tracks that take away from this project as a whole. Emo tracks are just that, nothing outside of what every millennials teenage years have offered them. Not the most memorable or re-playable project, but still solid. In rotation.
John D.

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