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#N.O.B.F.E. Vol 4 – Philthy Rich & Pooh Hefner

#N.O.B.F.E. Vol 4 – Philthy Rich & Pooh Hefner

#N.O.B.F.E. Vol 4 – Philthy Rich & Pooh Hefner

🌊1. L.O.P
πŸ†—2. I swear
🌊3. Players get choose
🌊4. That’s a lie
πŸ‘Ž5. Lonely at the top
πŸ†—6. Credentials
πŸ‘7. Boy friend
πŸ‘Ž8. Having it
πŸ‘Ž9. Check us
πŸ‘Ž10. Fuck my whip
πŸ†—11. How I’m living
πŸ†—12. Get a bag
πŸ‘Ž13. Off the grind
πŸ‘Ž14. Fired up
πŸ†—15. Set down
πŸ†—16. New shit
⏰17. Daily
🌊18. Luxury life
πŸ‘Ž19. Flava
πŸ‘Ž20. Something new

This tape drags OMG. 20 songs really was not needed. It started to sound very repetitive and take so long to get through. By the end of this album i was worn out. It made me tired the production is nothing to lose your pants over its very simple even with the rapping. Its just music thats going to be forgotten. This album is barely getting by. If you like music to play blindly, this is it.

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