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Free Game – T2

Free Game – T2
Free Game – T2
👎🏾1. Pyrex
😴2. My Role Model
💤3. Look Back at It f. Mista Cain
💤4. Extras f. Level
👍🏾5. My Kitchen f. Million Dollar Mill & MobSquad Nard
👎🏾6. Pretty Ass Day
💤7. For the Money f. Ray Vicks
🚮8. With the Stamp
👍🏾9. My Lil’ Steppa f. Scotty Corleon
😴10. Bag on Me Now f. Big38
🌊11. The Dope Game
🆗12. Been Up (Remix) f. MISTA CAIN

Project is strange. Off rip I just knew this a type of music that aint for me. I feel like its more for the south and midwest for sure but like the deep deep deep boonies. Raps are ok. Hes more aggression and voice than anything. Production is all over to the point where I cant tell if its hot or not, it just felt strange. Quality is up there for sure I heard everything but, overall this was a bit boring and strange. As each song progressed my wardrobe slowly increased in number of white t shirts. Spit this bad boy into one of them tobacco tins.
John D.

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