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Q.M. – Quentin Miller

Q.M. – Quentin Miller
Q.M. – Quentin Miller
🆗1. Cold Day in Hell
😴2. High Speed Chase
🆗3. Hot N’ Cold
👎4. Wwtd Interlude
😴5. _A_ (ft Peso)
🆗6. Arkham Asylum (ft Hit-Boy)
😴7. Values (ft Soundz)
👍8. The Source
🆗9. Bank!!!
🆗10. Scenic Route (ft TheCoolestMac)
🆗11. Closing Statements
“Whoever supposedly makin’ me hits
But then got no hits sound like they need me”
That quote has never been truer then after I listened to this project. Hold this pumpkin for me real quick Quentin I gotta say a few things. His flow is ok his bars is ok but his delivery and his beat selection are MEH at best. If he could muster up just a smidge of aggression in his voice this review would probably go a lot better. If there had been one more sleepy track you would of caught a fat L for this one. Keep grinding tho and maybe you can drag yourself away from the Drake stench.
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