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Super Ab – King Aboriginal

Super Ab – King Aboriginal

Super Ab – King Aboriginal

👍🏾1. Super Ab
🔥2. Aboriggy
🆗3. Gotta Get It f. Fred The Godson (Hook was weak)
🆗4. Lit
🌊5. Got “Em
🔥6. 2 Blessed 2 Be Stressed 2 f. Chris
🌊7. Greatness f. Chris
👍🏾8. Huh
👍🏾9. Queen 1
🌊10. Remedy
🔥11. Blessings / Right Around the Corner
👎🏾12. Grind Hard
🆗13. Hustle & Grind
👍🏾14. Good

Project is very solid, He can rap for sure, has a very strong presence on tracks for the most part (minus a few whispering moments) the production is cool too but some of it doesnt fit his style sometimes and it gets strange. He is all about his hooks and tho more were hit than miss its good to see anyone get after it like this. One thing this was missing was him blacking out on a track, Grind hard shouldve been the prod to do it on. All around a complete and solid project, I see you with the black panther photoshop, in rotation.
John D.

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