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The Taste of AMBrosia – AG

The Taste of AMBrosia – AG

The Taste of AMBrosia – AG

🌊1. Night of fire f. President Ella
🔥2. Everything is backwards
🌊3. Magic world *this instrumental is smoooooth*
👍4. What you talkin about f. DIAMOND D
👍5. Losing my mind f. Frank Vocals
🔥6. Fort Apache f. Priest da beast
🌊7. Marcus Garvey
🔥8. The Bronx f. Diamond d & A-Bless *blacked out*
🔥9. Have it your way f. Cassandra the Goddess MC & Whispers
💎10. The price of fame ( WAKE UP PEOPLE!)
🔥11. Dead presidents f. draf
🌊12. Child’s play f. A-bless & Bugz
🌊13. Adrenochrome f. Priest da beast
🆗14. Dinner with the devil
🆗15. I go so hard f. Priest da beast & lil v
💤16. B.L.O.W
💤17. A word from Thirstin Howl 3

Projects is definitely that boom bap rappity rap that us New Yorkers pride ourself upon. But unfortunately this project falls victim to it being wayyyyyyyyyy to long. Should have kept it 13 and called it a day, Productions smooth. Feats definitely added to the project for the most part. Just those last 4 songs should have been archived for your own listening purposes.

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