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Stuck – Nickelus F

Stuck – Nickelus F
Stuck – Nickelus F
😂1. PSA
🌊2. Sleazie wonder
👎3. Trill burn (beats fire) 
🔥4. Yea alright
🌊5. That’s facts
👍6. On our own
🔥7. I ain’t cried yet
🌊8. Mids
🔥9. I got up
💤10. King Soulja
🔥11. The darkie (who ever produced this project is mean)
🆗12. Hands
🚒13. Horace hardbody the salute (scrunched face)
🆗14. Dump you in a river

Project production is smoooth. Definitely needs to be appreciated and savored. He has a dope voice which makes his delivery and flow pretty much ride the beat throughout this. Has some gems throughout. Was overall a dope listen. Definitely songs on my personal play list.

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