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Mixed Tape ep – Buhay Cali

Mixed Tape ep – Buhay Cali

Mixed Tape ep – Buhay Cali

👍🏾1. Palo Palo
👎🏾2. Summertime Again f. Mr. Miller
👍🏾3. Cyphernetics f. Stadi & Frosty the Know-Matic
🌊4. Growing up Hip Hop f. Dash Shamash
🔥5. Impeccable

Project is cool, one of the cats audio sounds way quieter than everyone else on this project but, they got a dope vibe to them, everything is wild smooth, especially the production. They can rap and it sounds like they wear in shades n pitbull suits 24/7. Track 2 tho, homie on the hook took that song from yall, throw the whole singing away. Also the way track 3 closes out dropped it down a solid 2 emojis, when you are the closer you gotta take it home. Other than that project wasn’t a bad listen at all im ready for whatever’s next. In rotation.
John D.

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