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A Proper Introduction – Yannone

A Proper Introduction – Yannone
😴 1. Anxiety
😴2. Open book f. Leo Xia
🆗3. til the end f. Breana Marin
😴4. Careless
😴5. By my side f. Breana Marin
🆗6. Sacrs for this
😴7. 25 f. TJ Fox

I woke up happy this morning staired at the ceiling. Heard this shit and was sad that i was alive. The production is smooth, the artist singing on the hook is the best part of this ep. Flow sounds forced, and sometimes even the words sound forced. This ep is good for bed time. 7 songs to go to sleep with. Maybe the ep will take you down like chris brown.
(This the same art for that Ishana Track ft Nas)
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