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The Now Now – Gorillaz

The Now Now – Gorillaz

The Now Now – Gorillaz

🌊1. Humailty f. George Benson
👎2. Tranz
👍3. Holywood f. 🔥 Snoop Dogg & 🚮 Jamie Principal 
💤4. Kansas
🌊5. Sorcererz
💤6. Idaho
🌊7. Lake Zurich
💤8. Magic city
💤9. Fire flies
💤10. One Present
🌊11. Souk eye

First off the Gorillaz have zero to prove at this point. They have solidified themselves amongst some of the greats of all time. But when it comes down to this project it’s a snore fest. Production was weird even for the gorillaz. Lyrics are Shleepay.. Not much was said at all. Was definitely not a great follow up after Humanz.

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