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Less Talk More Hustle – Red Cafe

Less Talk More Hustle – Red Cafe

Less Talk More Hustle – Red Cafe

👍1. I done changed
👎2. Pillow talk don’t do it
🌊3. I want all the bags 
🔥4. Less talk more hustle pt.1 f. Dave Eastt SNAPPED
👍5. Redbull f. Spades Saratoga
🆗6. Count up f. Mula Ra & Zoey Dollaz
💩7. Jackpot f. Fetty Wap & Fabolous
👎8. Don’t blow my high f. Icewear Vezzo
👎9. Dope I’m a gas mask
👎10. God wanted us to be lit. f. Wiz Khalifa &French Montana
🚮11. No fakes f. Yo Gotti
💩12. She a bad one f. Cardi B
👍13. Wolf life f. Mack 10 & Vince Tega
🆗14. For my city f. Albee Al & Maze

What In the name of all that is holy did I just listen too. This was an absolute shit show of a project for 90% of the time. Weak verses. Annoying hooks. Half assed features. Even your manz Fab gave you trash. The production for the most part is just drowning….. in the shit that’s coming out of everyone’s mouth… I will never understand how artists think this is acceptable.

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