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Freddie – Freddie Gibbs

Freddie – Freddie Gibbs
Freddie – Freddie Gibbs
🆗1. Weight
🚒2. Automatic
👎3. Death row ( feat. 03 greddo) 
👎4. Triple threat
🚮5. 2 legit
💩6. FLFM (interlude)
🆗7. Set set
🚮8. Toe tag
🆗9. FBC
👍10. Diamonds 2

Mr. Gibbs you absolutely flopped with this project. After your last release your listener should of expected a smooth ass rapper talking about some realshit on some smoooooth production…. This is the absolute opposite. Production was sloppy. You were non existent for 90% of the time. This project is Flint Michigan water bad. Back to the drawing boards my friend.

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