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Tears of Joy 2 – J Stalin

Tears of Joy 2 – J Stalin
Tears of Joy 2 – J Stalin
🆗️1. Tears of Joy f. J Stew
🆗️2. 5 Minutes of Game
🌊3. Make It Out f. June, Mozzy & OMB Peezy
😴 4. The Code f. P-Lo
🚮5. Punishment f. Salsalino & Too Short
😴6. Enough Money
💤7. Work For It f. IAMSU, Ziggy & 03 Greedo
💤8. Tempo Slo
😴9. Changed in Me f. Hitman Beatz
🆗️10. Feelin It f. Joseph Kay
🆗️11. Cousins
🆗️12. Don’t Worry
👍13. I Come From the Trenches f. YOUNG SPUDD
😴14. Mind of a Millionaire f. Hitman Beatz
🔥15. Back Against the Wall f. T-Rell
🌊16. Fuk Niggaz f. Trap Kid)
🆗17. On This Corner f. Young Spudd
🆗18. Money Train f. Stevie Joe

Project was boring. 18 tracks, and about 13 of them sound exactly the same. Take equal parts “I sold coke”, “I got money”, “from the hood”, mix with autotune on every song, and you get this album. He definitely has some substance once in a while, which showed promise. Production was clean, but the laid-back beats seemed to detract from his street-style rap. It was weird. Almost none of the 876 features did anything for you either. This was like Joakim Noah’s jumpshot: You have some talent, but the release is off.

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