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In Permanence – Haleek Maul

In Permanence – Haleek Maul
In Permanence – Haleek Maul
👍🏾1. Intro f. Saul Williams
💤2. Blessai
😴3. Moodring
🆗4. Clue f. Embaci
😴5. Heartbeat
👎🏾6. Ups
😴7. Critical Mass f. Embace

Project is mad boring. Its a noisy mess, Nothing sounds clean, and you cant tell if its on purpose or actually technical difficulties. It was hard to follow, I think he has an accent, the production sounded smooth but then add a pile of noise on top of it and you are good to go. Almost like a failed attempt at putting out some deep artsy raps but accidentally turned mumble rap. Overall its the product of if you record a 7 song ep, save the finals to an external hard drive then put that drive in the microwave for 30 seconds, you get this project. Pass.
John D.

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