PERIOD – City Girls

PERIOD – City Girls

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?1. Tighten Up
?2. I’ll Take Your Man
??3. Sweet Tooth 
??4. One of Them Nights
??5. Not Ya Main
?6. Where the Bag At
?7. Millionaire Dick
??8. Careless
??9. Period (We Live)
?10. Runnin
?11. Rap S**t
?12. No Time (Broke N**ga)
?13. How to Pimp a N**ga
?14. Movie
??15. F**k On U
?16. Clear The Air

This was an uncomfortable listen, project can be summed up simply as, men do not be broke, have money, put your mouth and face on privates, keep cheating, but spend money first, and dont be broke while having money or show off money you have because then you are broke. Simple. Im pretty sure there are 2 ladies rapping but they sound the same, content is wack, production is meh, her voice is loud and annoying and left lip gloss on my headphones. Nice women, never listen to this, nice men, please fight against this, album is made for ladies who palm deodorant chips on they pits to go clubbin.
John D.


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