Shottaz 3.0 – Mo3

Shottaz 3.0 – Mo3

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?1. On The Way
?2. Everybody
??3. Whipp 
?4. Purpose
?5. Numbers
?6. Preach
?7. And I
?8. True Story
?9. Long Nights
?10. No Love
?11. Champion
?12. Can I Vent
??13. All the Time
?14. I’m Sorry
??15. Baby Mama
?16. My Baby
?17. So Hard
?18. Right Now
?19. Not Your Type
?20. I Don’t Know Why

Project is dope, he uses autotune as a very appealing instrument, he is vibing singin, and at times rapping up a fucking storm. The content isnt for everyone but its a step above the new age mainstream music but he mixes in his street status and experience. It all works, production is dope and as much as you would think 21 tracks can get boring it doesnt. He does the club thing, the new age thing but def the hood thing, it all works, its believable, its musically appealing and all blends. In rotation, he might be a household name sounding this polished.
John D.


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