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Wave Culture ep – Pras

Wave Culture ep – Pras
🚮1. Lionel Richie
🌊2. Lajan f. Zoey Dollaz
😴3. Old Ye
🌊4. Wave culture f. Steph Lecor
😴5. Water Boy
👍🏾6. Pump Fakin f. Young M.A

Project is a little colder than luke warm, production is cool, but this project sounds dated and relevant at the same time, its a weird listen, quality is there but the raps just dont feel right at all. Its like if your grandfather rapped about the china in the living room or the furniture with the plastic over it but with a new age swag. Young MA spazzed btw. Just because everyone remembers those things from back in the day doesnt mean its whats needed right now. Im gonna sit off the plastic on this one.
John D.

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