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2020 – Spinz

2020 – Spinz

2020 – Spinz

🆗1. Beastiez
🚮2. Garbage
🔥3. West
👍🏾4. Watdafuxup
🌊5. Love in the Rain
🆗6. 2020 Skit
🌊7. Up
🆗8. MC Check 2
👍🏾9. Rockinwitdabest
👍🏾10. Action
👍🏾11. Go Gettaz
😴12. Zoki
🆗13. Baba K f. Christine
🆗14. Outro
👍🏾15. Hey Now

Project is solid, dude can rap, I fuck with his stance and message, the production was ok, sometimes strange and sometimes the tracks were messing on the mixing side. Some songs couldve gotten better ratings but he does allot of very strange things that throw songs off, some hooks, some flows, its hard to explain. Other than that project was solid, maybe a few listens from outsiders before final product wouldve done it more justice. In rotation.


John D.

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