Loosies 2 – Little Vic

Loosies 2 – Little Vic

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Loosies 2 – Little Vic

?1. White devil
?3. Color of money
?4. Lost @ see 
?5. Ring around
?7. Industrial grade
?8. Uncivilized
?9. American blues
?10. Heaven knows
?11. High castle
?12. By the pound
?13. Glass home
?14. Under oath
?15. History is written
?16. 16’s are for children 

First off if Dj premiere gives anyone a time of day you know he’s worth a listen. This is 53 minutes of you Absolutely loosing your mind in audio format. I can not believe there are people like you in this industry that get overshadowed by all the trash that’s out there. His flow is as boom-bap as it gets. He probably gets no love in the tri state area because he actually reps where he’s from (no disrespect to Long Island but we get zero love or respect) but there is zero slack in this project in this. Don’t sleep on him cause he’s a “Lil” he got grown man bars.


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