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G-Host – Styles P

G-Host – Styles P

G-Host – Styles P

🔥1. Bubble Up f. Dyce Payne
👍🏾2. Welfare f. Whispers
🌊3. Coolest O.G. f. Dyce Payne
🔥4. Ghost Wars
😂5. Ronald Grump (skit) f. Jacob Berger,Khardier Da God & Cris Streetz
🚒6. Wait Your Turn B
🔥7. Heat of the Night f. Kody
👍🏾8. Ill (skit) f. Kay Rosewood
🔥9. Morning Mourning f. Oswin Benjamin
🔥10. Different S**t
🌊11. For This Occasion
🔥12. Window to the Soul
👍🏾13. Going Live (skit) f. Nino Man & Dyce Payne
🚒14. Curb the Lames f. Boog Jones
👍🏾15. Live Still Lit (skit) f. Nino Man & Dyce Payne
👍🏾16. Going Thru Hell

Project is fucking fire. Bars are fucking everyone, veteran flow, the production is crazy, NY but with its switchups, features did more than they had to do, the structure is fire, content is fire. I have nothing wrong to say about this project, shit is about as NY as it can get but on top of that its so well put together. instant classic. Hes a legend for a reason. In HEAVY rotation!


John D.

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