No Pressure – The Luniz

No Pressure – The Luniz

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?1. Linno the Winno (Intro)
?2. No Pressure f. Hippy Creed
??3. Let Us Through the Door f. D-Fuller
?4. One Nation f. Noble
?5. You Are Not What You Think You Are f. 4rAx
?6. Keep it Moving
?7. Linno the Winno (Intermission)
?8. I’m Alright Bruh
??9. Leggo
?10. Party Like Prince Will
?11. Don’t Play f. Rajeo
?12. Surrounded by Warriors f. Mistah FAB
?13. Gang Gang f. KJ King & D-Fuller

Project is fire, strange that a project from vets that sounds old school, sounds very new. Raps are here, flow is here, hooks are here, and the production is crazy. Nothing short of dope on here, funny skits, shots at new rappers, respect to old, shit is a dope listen all around. Its got everything, even a like club dance track with a white girl singing on it. In Rotation!
John D.


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