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Drip Season 3 – Gunna

Drip Season 3 – Gunna

Drip Season 3 – Gunna

👍01. Helluva Price
🆗02. Drippin’
🚮03. Almighty (feat. Hoodrich Pablo Juan) 
🔥04. At The Hotel ( Lil Uzi Vert & Young Jordan)
🚮05. Top Off
🔥06. King Kong ( feat Young Thug)
🆗07. Pedestrian
👍08. Lies About You ( feat. Lil Durk)
👎09. Mistress
🔥10. Car Sick (feat. NAV and Metro BOOMIN)
🆗11. My Soul
👎12. No Joke
🆗13. Oh Okay ( feat. Young thug & Lil Baby)
🆗14. Spending addiction
🚮15. Money Don’t Change You
🚮16. Toast up
🔥17. Drip or Drown Remix (Feat. lil 🚣‍♀️

Ok so to start this off, this album has zero substance other than your typical “sip lean” “I’m high off a bean” type rap. Which I do enjoy from time to time… when there is actually something behind it. The features helped me get through it honestly cause this album was overall ass. GUNNA YOU ARE NOT MY MANZ

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