Pearl’s Prayers – Kendall Spencer

Pearl’s Prayers – Kendall Spencer

Pearl’s Prayers – Kendall Spencer

????01. Pearl

????02. Purpose Driven

????03. Walkin X Faith

????????04. Grandmother’s Message Skit

????05. Broken Wings

????06. Never Forget Me

????07. Without You

????????‍♂️08. Stay Focused Skit

????09. Stagnation is a Curse

????????10. Grandma’s Prayer

????11. Want From Me

????12. Credits

Not everyone is going to relate to this, and this was highkey made for him and his circle, but people will feel this. As far as im concerned the content is very relatable. Its powerful and faith heavy. The energy and power surrounding this follows in the production, you got great samples, and some crisp but very low chill drums. There is a plethora of old school gems on here that allot of black, foreign or god fearing parents used to lay on us 30 plus year olds when we were the youth. Dude rapping on here is getting his story and message across very clear, preserving some nice old school flows and really just laying it down with the composure grown men should have when hitting these type of emotional subjects. Great skits, solid pacing, a great message and honestly overall a very solid, heartfelt, album. In rotation.

Project: 7/10 || Art: 7/10 – John D.

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