Still Klockin – DB.Boutabag

Still Klockin – DB.Boutabag

Still Klockin – DB.Boutabag

????01. Rain Or Snow

????02. Still Klockin

????????03. Put the Bag First

????04. Bang a Right

⌚️05. Big Klock (Interlude)

????06. White Papers

????07. On Instagram Wolfin’ (Freestyle)

????????08. Potty

????09. What I Get Back (Freestyle)

????????10. A Different Mode

????11. IDFWTHEM

????????12. LaLa Land

This nigga got some of the worst hooks ive heard in a minute. Some of them shits was wild funny too but im not sure if thats what he was going for. This project sucks. The fact that I can hear him punching in every line while also still rushing his delivery is trash. Stylistic choice or not, its garbage. The beats are solid so it made some of it bearable but outside of that, the whole rushed flow, corny punchline, shock value super thuggery raps are just not it. It feels like he just got into this rap shit but everyone else around him are making him sound established. Bay area rap fans might crucify me for this but this shit has no sauce, no originality, no style, wack technique and sounds catered to dudes with no rhythm. Take your time, and stop tryna beat the metronome.

Project: 3/10 || Art: 7/10 – John D.

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