Mmcht – Nickelus F

Mmcht – Nickelus F

Mmcht – Nickelus F

????01. Intro

????02. Mmcht

????03. Just F

????04. Spin Round

????05. Him

????06. Pimento

????07. Ziplocs

????08. Fire Bath

????09. The Shining Light

????10. Tectonics

????11. Diabolical

????12. What Lies Beneath

????13. Search For Truth

Everything about this project has this unique energy that makes you wanna run every track back. Hes rapping his ass off on this and it all feels extremely and unapologetically him. The flows, the voice switchups, the pacing changes within the bars are all very dope. Then you have all the production. Super unique, very fresh and new but somewhat familiar. This has it all and has this full feeling that he had it planned when he started it, and executed it. The skits are dope and fit the energy. Pacing is dope. This one is special for sure. After one listen I honestly feel like even the score I have in mind will not give it justice. In rotation.

Project: 8.9/10 || Art: 7/10 – John D.

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