Roc Star – DJ Muggs & Mooch

Roc Star – DJ Muggs & Mooch

Roc Star – DJ Muggs & Mooch

????01. Roc Star

????02. Soul Screaming

????03. Uncut Hope

????04. Trumpets

????05. Belly

????06. Mooch Moses

????07. It Ain’t Ready

????08. Walk Yours f. Rigz

????09. My Shit’s Beautiful

????10. Mav x Mooch x Times f. Times Change

????11. Mazda

????12. Assets & Liabilities

This that street shit that makes you wanna exaggerate some war stories to youngins. Project is dope. You got all sorts of variations of street shit. Hes bringing the upstate NY feel to it all but the production bounces from mob shit, to scary goon shit, to more educated street shit. Like grabbing your favorite chapters from your favorite gangster flicks but with the same main character. This is as hip hop as it gets. All the raps, straight forward gems, stories and just overall content. Mooch got a dope ass voice and excels in street lingo and slick talk. For those that don’t understand he just sounds cool as fuck. DJ Muggs does what’s expected by providing absolute heat. Features were dope and could have brought this up more with a few more just for contrast. Throw this on, talk your shit, and bring it way back. In rotation.

Project: 8.3/10 || Art: 9/10 – John D.

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