????01. Coming Home f. Burna Boy

????02. Good Good f. Summer Walker & 21 Savage

????03. A-Town Girl f. Latto

????04. Cold Blooded f. The-Dream

????????05. Kissing Strangers

????06. Keep On Dancin’

????07. Risk It All f. H.E.R.

????08. Bop

????09. Stone Kold Freak

????10. Ruin f. Pheelz

????????11. BIG

????12. On the Side

????13. I Am the Party

????14. I Love U

????15. Please U

????16. Luckiest Man

????17. Margiela

????18. Room In a Room

????19. One of Them Ones

????20. Standing Next to You (USHER Remix) f. Jung Kook

This project is very white girl forward. Then it has its moments where she dates interracially. You have him pretty much catching up on all the trends and things he missed out on since his last release. Its a whole lot of cheesy pop, with generic lines that seem curated to automatically get stuck in your head because you’ve heard it before. This shines the most when he touches back into the more old school R&B and even some Motown or like Prince type era stuff but more so for the nostalgia and throwback than the actual full content of the songs. Features were fun and honestly just came on here to add their own sauce even if the tracks seemed a bit off as far as direction. Pacing isn’t great it starts rough and gets a little bit better as the project goes. As a whole its allot of throwaways and forced trends, with some fun sprinkled amongst it. Its not bad but its also not worth spinning multiple times.

Project: 6/10 || Art: 6/10 – John D.

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