The Truth EP – Famous Sally & YB

The Truth EP – Famous Sally & YB

The Truth EP – Famous Sally & YB

????01. The Truth

????????02. Wassup Gway

????03. Head Attack

????04. What Yo Name Is

????????05. Scrilla

????????06. RHB

This a 2 for one industry plant special. The beats are wack, the subject matter is garbage and shouldn’t be allowed around children. There is no originality, no contrast, just 2 clones rapping the same thoughts. Pacing is boring. Its very Southern so take that how you want to take it. Theres no fun, its all very serious, and not at the same time. Its got the energy of that dude you run into while drunk who loves to tell other peoples stories, and you can’t help but say “oh word” a bunch of times but also want to find a polite way to get out of the conversation. Throw this in the pile of failed industry plant bodies with the rest of them or put it on if you enjoy losing braincells. The shock value isn’t even fun anymore.

Project: 1/10 || Art: 4/10 – John D.

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