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ALL BUT 6 – Pouya & Fat Nick

ALL BUT 6 – Pouya & Fat Nick
ALL BUT 6 – Pouya & Fat Nick
👍01. CREMATORY ft. 👍Mikey the Magician
🌊02. SCAT PACK ft. 👍Shakewell, 🌊Boobi Lootavelli
🆗03. FMZ ft. Mikey the Magician
🔥04. CRUCIFY ME ft. 🔥South Strip
🆗05. STFU ft. 👍Kxllswxtch
🌊06. EURO STEP ft. 🆗Lu
👍07. STUCK UP ft. 👍LU
👎08. ELEVATE ft. 🌊Kxllswxtch
This is aight. It’s just some house party music, the kind you aint gonna let ya moms find out your listening to. It’s energetic and fun with a lot of flexing but nothing over the top. I don’t really fuck with the whisper style they got going on once and a while, but this is drug doing rap, not drug selling rap. Definitely not much of a message here, besides that it’s fun getting messed up. The beats are like dystopian trap, pretty dope and original. This is meant to be loud as there is a lot of intentional noise in the mix. A few of the features show up and rip into some rappity rap for a quatrain once in a while. You ain’t ever gonna catch me throwing this album on, but if Pouya & Fat Nick are playing in the background, i’m a let it slide.
Project: 6.4/10 || Art: 6/10 – Euphonic
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