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😴01. Gasoline
🌊02. Oceans
🌊03. No Drugs In Dubai
💤04. Closure
👎05. Blood On Fur
🚛06. Brief Intermission
🌊07. Keep Talking
🚛08. Die Baby, Cry Baby
😴09. Pacific Coast Head
🌊10. Sleeping On My Left
🆗11. Don’t Pass On Love
🆗12. Truth
🌊13. Kill Me Now(Live)
🔥14. Bury Me
Most of the beats are surprisingly intricate and unique, as this album is really dance music. If you were looking for bars, they just aren’t here. Seems like the Autotune got stuck. Kashi certainly nails the melodic hooks but nothing too catchy except 1 or 2 tracks. If there is a verse on a song it’s just money talk and misogyny. While instrumentals could have set each track apart, a lot of the singing just blends together. Stand out is final track “Bury Me” with a catchy tempo that holds through. You’ll probably here some cuts of this album from the DJ at the club but I doubt a song gets played all the way through.
4/10 – Euphonic
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