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The Knowbuddies – Wise Guise

The Knowbuddies – Wise Guise
The Knowbuddies (feat. Edd Bundy) – Wise Guise
🌊01. Foul Play
🌊02. Martial Law
🌊03. Days End
🔥04. Stimulate Rhymes
🆗05. Art of Raw
🌊06. Chain Reaction
🌊07. Machete Invite
🔥08. One Good Scare
🆗09. This Shit Is Fun
🌊10. Never Stop Dreaming
Project is solid. To get the things I didnt fully love out the way, the songs were too long. They mostly started off dope then as you start to go through the checklist of emcees you would lose the song a bit. Not bad bad but sometimes it just felt like the songs went on forever. Outside of that, this is a good time, dope production for sure and the variety plays well as far as rappers. For everything that one rapper would lack or not be the best at, someone would come on and fill that gap. I don’t know everyones ethnicity on here but if I had to choose this a brigade of white cats that love spicy foods, Tony Hawk and have mad Caribbean friends. They had they own flavors and sauce that mixed well, sometimes youd get a stiff flow or corny punchline but that also followed some dope punches, evil or fun schemes and honestly just showed them doing as much as they possible could on each track. Not bad at all, worth a few spins if you got the time. In rotation.
6.8/10 – John D.
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