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PRE5L EP – Key Glock

PRE5L EP – Key Glock
?1. Jigsaw
??2. Forgive Me
?3. Spike Lee
?4. Die Trying
?5. Thumbing
Ep is weak as hell. Dude already raps like he takes his socks off when he counts passed 10, so add some up and down production and you have this. Pacing is as consistent as the production which spans from dope to just generic, and his content being very wack and boring is about as mainstream consistent as you should expect. 1 song was cool on this. The rest was along the lines of “oh wow you made a song”, but secretly you want to tell them this wont take them out the hood. Sadly this did get him out the hood so this standard will probably continue. Wack.
3/10 – John D.

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