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Art Is Perception – Anthony Kannon

Art Is Perception – Anthony Kannon
Art Is Perception – Anthony Kannon
🔥1. A Hustler’s Guide
🔥2. What Did I Pray For?
🌊3. Rick Fox f. Trae Yates
🔥4. A Way Out
🔥5. Dope On the Scale
🌊6. Honey
🔥7. Art Is Perception
🌊8. Walking Home
🚒9. He Who Works
Project is a good time, dude can rap. He got that rasp, but the lingo and cadence delivers extra on the believability. The vibe of this project really hit for me, it has a like purposely not low quality but like specific mix to it that just separates itself from the standard without being bad at all. It all fit, the production is refreshing, got nice variety but still keeps along those lines of dark but smooth. His pen is very grounded in the street but more along the success story line rather than the glorifying it shit we hear often. This balance makes this feel even more real. I was hear for it, dude is dope and I think this was lightwork for him. In rotation.
8/10 – John D.
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